What is Stock Photo License?

Stock Photo License (SPL) answers questions surrounding legal photo usage and presents resources to help assist image researchers, photo buyers or anyone that wants to legally use another person’s image they find online. The website’s goal is to provide those who are unsure about image licensing with the information, legal definitions, frequently asked questions and resources to make informed and legal stock photo purchases. This site is not a substitute for legal advice and for specific cases you should ask your in-house legal team or lawyer. SPL provides you with a general framework for making licensing decisions and highlights online resources that can help protect you from legal pitfalls.

You’ve searched online all day for that perfect image. Your eyes have dried out from staring at your computer screen. The migraine headache is banging away inside your head and all you want to do is find the right image so you can move on to your next project. Finding and downloading the perfect stock image shouldn’t leave you with a migraine headache or lead to a legal headache down the road after you’ve used the image that took you so long to find.  Before dragging any file onto your desktop or purchasing an image from a stock photo agency, you will want to know what rights are given to you as an image buyer and determine if the license will cover the way you want to use the image in your project.  If you need an image for a blog post, a mobile game you’re developing, an office PowerPoint presentation, an advertising campaign or for a book you are publishing, this website will highlight the legal steps to take in order to download photography from the web.

Stock Photo License is for anyone who takes or uses images. This includes every photo researcher, photo buyer, photo user and photographer who is interested in learning more about the changing landscape of photo licensing and is a collaborative effort between all the parties involved with photo licensing.

If you would like to contribute to the pool of knowledge found on Stock Photo License or become a partner of Stock Photo License, please get in touch with us by emailing team@stockphotolicense.com or find us on twitter at @stockphotousage.

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