Copyright Resources

Get Informed and Protected

Organizations that help with Copyright Information. Use this comprehensive list on photo copyright. If you need an expert opinion these copyright resources will get you pointed in the right direction with only a few clicks.

Copyright Information Links

Copyright Alliance

Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Information for Children

The US Copyright Office

Copyright Society of USA

Friends of Active Copyright Education (FA©E — an initiative of the Copyright Society of the USA)



Internet Society

The Library of Congress

The US Patent and Trademark Office

Good Permissions and Copyright group on Linkedin

Did you know there are companies that will review your materials, including websites to make sure that none of the text or images you are using are in violation of the law.

Thanks to David Riecks from Controlled Vocabulary for providing these resources.

Copyright Solver

If you want to check for possible plagarism yourself, you might want to check out this site (you can use the site to find other
sites that may have “borrowed” content from your site). Copyscape

BiblioBuffet’s Copyright Resources

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